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New INDOOR field on the same address!

How to play our game?

At first, each player try to shoot arrows into targets with supervision of an experienced organizer. Then are players divided into two teams, like to the paintball. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy from the other team, shoot through all enemy targets or accomplish another task from one of the many scenarios (V.I.P., Capture the flag, ...). For party-games, we have prepared a special game :).

This activity is ideal for group of friends, colleagues, birthday party or bachelor/stag party :). Let's try this new unforgettable activity

Who we are?

We are team of adrenaline enthusiasts. We decided to create special action and adrenaline activity, which we called Lukohra. Basically it is know as Archery Attack or Archery Game, but our Lukohra is a bit different ;). In our Archery game, you play with special bows and german arrows with  a soft tips. In our special wooden field you try many scenario games, so you will enjoy the game for maximum! 🙂